I. DoD/Services and DHS Challenges, Opportunities and Initiatives

Keynote Presentation

“Government Cyber Security Needs, Challenges and Opportunities”
■ Mr. Robert J. Carey
Principal Deputy Chief Information Officer, DoD-CIO


“DHS Cyber Security Needs, Challenges and Opportunities”
■ Mr. Jeff Eisensmith
Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

“Cyber Security for Defense, Intelligence & Homeland Security”
■ Mr. Gus Hunt
Former Chief Technology Officer, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

“U.S. Customs & Border Patrol Cyber Security Needs & Opportunities for Homeland Security”
■ Mr. Wolf Tombe
Customs & Border Protection Chief Technology Officer (CBP CTO), Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

“Future Visions for Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)”
■ Colonel (ret) Jeffrey Eggers, USAF
Defense Intelligence Senior Level (DISL), Chief Technology Officer, AF/2AD, USAF (tentative)

“USCYBERCOM Cyber Strategies and Imperatives”
■ Senior Representative, USA
U.S. Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) (invited)

“Army National Guard Cyber Security Update – Needs, Challenges & Opportunities”
■ Colonel Mary Henry, USA
Chief Information Officer, Army National Guard, G-6 and

 Colonel Gregory Hadfield, USA
Army National Guard, G-2

• Introduction to the Army National Guard (ARNG)
• ARNG Role in Cyber
• Dual Mission (Title 10 & Title 32)
• Intelligence and Signal Support to Cyber
• Cyber Defense Operations

“Navy Cyber Defense Needs & Challenges”
■ Captain Douglas Powers, USN
Commanding Officer, Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command, US Navy (invited)

“ARCYBER Challenges and Opportunities”
■ Senior Representative
Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER)

“NIST Cyber Security Center of Excellence (NCCoE) Needs, Challenges & Opportunities”
■ Mr. Nathan Lesser
Deputy Director, National Cyber Security Center of Excellence (NCCoE), National Institute of Standards & Technology
(NIST)/ Department of Commerce

• Broadly Applicable Across a Sector
• Customizable to the Needs of Individual Businesses
• Help Businesses More Easily Comply with Relevant Standards & Regulations
• Works with Industry, Academic & Government Experts to Find Practical Solutions for Businesses’ Most Pressing Cyber
Security Needs


II. Access Management & Identity Intelligence

“Data Protection for the 21st Century”
■ Mr. Neal Ziring
Technical Director, Fusion, Information Assurance Directorate, National Security Administration (NSA)

• Data Provides the Critical Value for our Enterprises & Missions, So Our Network Security Efforts Must Include
Data-Centric Protections
• Key Goals for Data-Centric Protection Include: Timely and Comprehensive Data Access Control, Assured Attribution
for Data Access Activities, & Improved Mission Agility
• NSA & Other National Security Components have been Implementing Data-Centric Protections; the Talk will Identify
Critical Elements, Dependencies, & Lessons Learned

“Secure Enterprise Deployment Lifestyle (SEDL)”
■ Mr. Daniel Taylor
Senior Technical Specialist (Security & Data Center), Microsoft

• Identify & Define the Risk Management Problem Space
• Plan & Deploy for the Total Problem Space
• Leverage Security Business Intelligence

“Federal Identity, Credential & Access Management”
■ Dr. Michael Valivullah, SES
Chief Technology Officer, National Agricultural Statistics Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)


III. Cyber Security & Information Sharing

“For and from Cyberspace: Conceptualizing Cyber Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance”
■ Colonel Matthew Hurley, USAF
HQ USAF, Air Force Intelligence Officer (AF/A2DD), ISR Innovations

• Proposes a Definition for Cyber ISR
• Scopes the Bound of Cyber ISR in Relation to other Cyber Activities (Cyber Situational Awareness, Command and
Control, etc.)
• Discusses Domain Challenges Impacting Cyber ISR
• Proposes Broad Future Actions to Improve Cyber ISR Efficiency & Effectiveness

“Enhanced Shared Situational Awareness”
■ Mr. Antonio T. Scurlock
Senior Cyber Security Strategist, Department of Homeland Security/DoD Joint Coordination Element (JCE), Office of the Director of Cyber Security Coordination, (DCC), DHS

Mr. Scurlock currently serves as the Comprehensive National Cyber Security Initiative Five (CNCI-5) Lead on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). CNCI-5 is a
cross government effort to establish a common information sharing framework and implement that framework through targeted capability efforts to increase the speed and quality of cyber information sharing among cyber mission partners.

“Cyber Threats & Boeing Information Sharing Initiatives”
■ Mr. John Toomer
Director, Intelligence, Information & Cyber Systems, Government Operations, Boeing

• USG – Industry Roles in Managing the Cyber Threat
• Avoiding Onerous Legislation
• Cyber Security in our Products – Anti-Tamper, Mission Assurance, Secure Supply Chain

“Multi-National Cyber Security Information Sharing”
■  Dr. Donald Robinson, PhD.
Principal Cyber Security Technologist, Northrop Grumman


IV. Developing a Cyber Security Strategy, Including Offensive & Assymetric Cyber Challenges & Opportunities

“JMETC: Developing Cyber T&E Requirements and Infrastructure”
■ Mr. Marty Arnwine
Deputy for Operations, Planning, and Support within the Test Resource Management Center (TRMC), for TRMC’s Joint Mission Environment Test Capability (JMETC) Program

“Asymmetric-Cyber: How to Gain an Unfair Advantage Over the Adversary”
■ Mr. Rob Roy
Federal Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Security Products, Hewlett-Packard

• Cyber-Attacks Becoming Increasingly Sophisticated
• Speed with which a Successful Attack on One Organization is Spread to Other Unprepared Organizations
• To Counter such Attacks from Powerful & Well-Organized Adversaries, Both Government Agencies & Private
Organizations Find it Necessary to Share Security & Threat Information

“Cyber Security Strategies to Address Threats and Protect Privacy”
■ Mr. Dan Chenok
Executive Director, Center for the Business of Government, IBM Global Business Solutions

“Need for an Offensive Component to a U.S. Cyber Strategy”
■ Colonel (ret) Cedric Leighton, USAF
Founder & President, Cedric Leighton Associates

“The Evolution of the Cyber Threat and Latest Strategies to Combat Them”
■ Mr. Larry Clinton
President and Chief Executive Officer, Internet Security Alliance (ISA)


V. Tools & Techniques for the Future Cyber Enterprise

“Building Trustworthy Clouds”
■ Mr. Steve Orrin
Senior Security Architect and Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation

• This Session Will Overview Challenges for Trust and Security in the Cloud
• Describe Methods for Establishing and Assessing Trust and Compliance
• Overview some of the Ecosystem & Industry Initiatives for Deploying Trusted Private & Public Cloud Infrastructures

“Networked Sensor Solutions for Perimeter & Critical Infrastructure Protection”
■ Mr. Chris Bonin
Advanced Technologies Group, CACI Technologies, Inc.

• Review of a Sensor Agnostic Framework that Speeds Implementation, Reduces Development Costs & Provides Standard Architecture for Ingestion into the Cloud
• Analysis of Force Protection Solutions for Forward-Deployed Assets Against Multi-Modal Threats Using Integrated Sensors, Decision Support Capabilities & Alerting Capabilities
• Presentation of an Architecture for Information/Intelligence Fusion & Analysis
• A Look at the Use of Smartphones as Ubiquitous RF Collection Devices & the Cloud for Storage of Collected Data

“Training the Enterprise: Tools & Techniques for Operational Effectiveness and Robust Security”
■ Mr. Shawn Anderson
Chief Information Security Officer, Babcock & Wilcox

“No Place To Hide: Forcing Attackers Into the Open by Monitoring Every Bit on Your Networks”
■ Mr. Mark A. Johnson
Director, Engineered Systems & Big Data Programs, Oracle Corporation

• This Session will Focus on Strategies and Policies that can Help Government Work to Detect and Deter Cyber Threats
and Vulnerabilities, Share Information About Mitigations, and Do So in a Way that is Protective of Private
Information About Individuals and Businesses.

“IA²: Cloud Computing, IA & Cyber Defense”
■ Mr. Kevin McDonald
Fellow, Cloud and Cyber Security Strategies, Enterprise & Security Solutions, ICF International

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